Northwest Association of Environmental Professionals

Organization and Contact Information

NWAEP holds meetings and events in both Seattle and Portland. We need members in both cities to help run our organization. Consider being an active participant in the NWAEP by volunteering to serve on the NWAEP Board of Directors! The NWAEP Board of Directors organizes speakers, meetings, webinars, and events; as well as represents our Chapter at national NAEP meetings. One of our goals is to maintain board members from throughout the northwest in order to represent NWAEP members from locations throughout Oregon and Washington. If you would like to get involved, please contact your local members on the NWAEP Board of Directors, or:

Contact Us

via email, or via mail:

PO Box 11583
Portland, OR 97211

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NWAEP Leadership

Dan Bingham, President and Portland Events Coordinator, Board Member
Senior Environmental Planner, Anchor QEA - Seattle, WA

Jason Medema, Vice President and NAEP Liaison, Board Member
Cramer Fish Sciences - Portland, WA

Eric Mapson, Social Media and Communications Coordinator, Board Member
Account Manager, Geosearch Environmental Information - Portland, OR

Jacquie Ptacek, Secretary and Communications Coordinator, Board Member
Environmental Planner, Anchor QEA - Seattle, WA

Jie Xu, NAEP Liaison, Board Member
Apex Companies, LLC - Seattle, WA

Chris Papinsick, Membership Coordinator, Board Member
Solid Waste Compliance Specialist, Oregon DEQ - Portland, OR

 Josh Jensen, Treasurer and Seattle Events Coordinator, Board Member
Environmental Planner, David Evans and Associates - Portland, OR

James Farrow, Emeritus Board Member
Principal Hydrogeologist, Terraphase Engineering - Portland, OR

Mike O'Connor, Emeritus Board Member
Principal, Assessment Associates, Inc. - Portland, OR

Molly Brown, Emeritus Board Member
Project Manager - Portland, OR

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