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Laboratory Technician, Cramer Fish Sciences (West Sacramento, CA)

  • Monday, March 22, 2021 10:56 AM
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    Becky Dobbins (Administrator)

    Laboratory Technician, Cramer Fish Sciences
    GIQ Laboratory Technician:
    Apply Genetic Techniques to Investigate and Help Solve Complex Ecological Questions

    The Genidaqs Laboratory is searching for a laboratory technician with the right mix of genetic laboratory skills, environmental sampling experience, natural curiosity, and passion for the scientific process. The Genidaqs Lab is a business unit within Cramer Fish Sciences, a fisheries research consulting firm that serves the Pacific West. Genidaqs team members provide clients with access to cutting edge genetic- and molecular ecology-based techniques applicable to solving today’s resource management issues. The Laboratory Technician supports the organization by assisting Genidaqs scientists in conducting laboratory work, field work, data collection, data synthesis, and problem solving.

    Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

    Laboratory work

    •  Extract DNA from a variety of sample types (tissue, eDNA filters, swabs)
    -  Perform PCR and Quantitative PCR (qPCR)
    -  Maintain laboratory and field equipment
    -  Monitorlab inventory (supplies, equipment, and consumables)
    -  Maintain general laboratory cleanliness
    •  Field work
    -  eDNA sample collection
    -  Boating and trailering
    -  Tissue sample collection
    -  Measuring and recording sample collection data, -  environmental conditions and geopositioning.
    -  Work requires physical exertion
    •  Logistic support
    -  Purchasing
    -  Shipping and receiving of consumables, equipment, and supplies

    Critical Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (required):

    • An understanding of PCR, qPCR, and DNA sequencing. The ability to perform basic molecular/genetic bench techniques using consistent and accurate pipetting skills.
    • Sample and Data Processing Skills. Demonstrated ability to collect, organize, and process data (Excel, sample archive software, Geneious, Vector NTI, or similar)
    • Comfortable with basic math and analyzing standard data sets.
    • Sampling Skills:  Demonstrated ability to work independently or as part of a team collecting, recording, and synthesizing a variety of high-quality data sets from both laboratory and field projects/experiments.
    • Working knowledge of the scientific method and its application. Ability to formulate meaningful questions and propose thoughtful experiments.
    • Applied science balance.  Demonstrated expertise and passion about science, natural resources and providing useable information for resolving complex problems.
    • Strong organization and communication skills, ability to express and exchange ideas.
    • Juggle multiple tasks with overlapping deadlines.
    • Follow established protocols, guidelines, methods, and procedures.
    • Accountable. Produce accurate, timely and quality work products.
    • Strong customer service ethic in delivery of services.
    • Positive energy as evidenced in an optimistic outlook, a sense of humor and a disposition to encourage.
    • Proficient with MS Office Suite.

    Preferred Experience

    • Advanced molecular biology techniques and understanding of genetic analysis.
    • Environmental science experience including freshwater ecology and fisheries.
    • Ability to run R scripts and ability to create R programming.

    Education/Minimum Qualifications:  

    • College degree with college level lab-based coursework in biological sciences or equivalent professional experience within a molecular/genetics laboratory.
    • Demonstrated skills in data collection, entry, and analysis, developing graphs and communicating project methods and findings in presentations and reports.

    Compensation and Benefits:

    • Flexible schedule
    • Competitive hourly pay rate
    • Great benefits package
    • Paid sick leave 

    West Sacramento, CA

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