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DEI Scholarship Program

In 2021, The Northwest Association of Environmental Professionals proudly launched a DEI Scholarship program, aimed at supporting diversity in the environmental professions.

Through this program, NWAEP awards annual scholarships of up to $2,000 to undergraduate or graduate students from a diverse background in Oregon or Washington state, whose major field of study is relevant to environmental science/STEM.

NWAEP's DEI Scholarship aims to support the professional development of students who are underrepresented (i.e. BIPOC, women, minorities) in environmental careers by covering one year of NWAEP membership fees and participation expenses (registration, travel, room and board) for the National Association of Environmental Professionals' annual conference, held in May, 2024 in Minneapolis.

NWAEP is now accepting applications for 2024 DEI Scholarship(s).

Past DEI Scholarship Recipients:

2023: Tai-Renée King and Lena Wang

2022: Janelle Layton and Daria Singer

2024 DEI Scholarship Information

Scholarship Award: Up to $2,000, to cover one year of NWAEP membership, and registration, travel, and room and board for 2024 NAEP Annual Conference attendance. 


  • Applicants must be enrolled in or have been accepted into a degree program in Oregon or Washington states
  • Applicants' major field of study must be relevant to STEM and/or environmental science
  • Applications need to be completed and submitted by the deadline
  • Recipient(s) should commit to attending the 2024 NAEP Annual Conference, held May 5–8, 2024, in Minneapolis, Minnesota

  • Recipient(s) will provide an update describing their use of scholarship funds and/or conference experiences

  • Scholarship recipient(s) will be given the opportunity to partner with a professional in their field to prepare a poster to present at the NAEP Conference


  • Either complete our handy form (see below or follow this link)
  • or submit the following information to NWAEP Board Member Kim Wetzel via email with your name and “NWAEP Scholarship Application” included in the email subject line.
      • Name / Pronouns
      • Email address
      • School where you are enrolled/have been accepted
      • Major field of study (relevant to STEM and/or environmental science)
      • A statement no more than one page in length describing your interest in the environmental field. Applicants are encouraged to include high school and any undergraduate experience, along with volunteer and work experience to demonstrate the relevance of your professional development in the STEM/environmental science field. You may also describe any grants, honors, or awards you have earned; or the influence of a class project or how you think of your future contribution to an environmental profession. Statements will be judged based on the ability to communicate your ideas in writing and how well your goals and experience align with the objectives of the NWAEP DEI Scholarship.

Application due by January 8, 2024; scholarship(s) to be awarded in early February.

    We wish all our applicants the best of luck!

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